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How to wear in winter to get rid of "bloated feeling"? Recommend these 3 kinds of collocation

How to wear in winter to get rid of "bloated feeling"? Recommend these 3 kinds of collocation

Since entering the winter, jackets with excellent warmth, such as down jackets and cotton jackets, have become the first choice for women. But a style that is too fluffy and thick, no matter what your body shape is, will be bloated after wearing it.

I believe that many female friends must not be difficult to find that although down jackets, cotton jackets, and other outerwear are warm enough, they lack a lot of fashion value in the overall wear. After the loose-fitting upper body, the whole person will be "wrapped" accidentally, which is bloated and shapeless. So, How to wear it in winter to get rid of the "bloated feeling"? Recommend these 3 kinds of collocation.

White shirt + V-neck knitted vest

Many women always like to pursue airtight closure in their winter outfits, but they don't know that doing so will drown all their good temperaments. Therefore, we might as well learn Miki's "shirt stacking method", using a basic white shirt as the base, and then put on a small V-neck knitted vest, easily wearing a thin and self-cultivation effect. The small lapel and V-neck design allow you to modify the original shoulder and necklines while perfectly creating a smooth and slender feeling. In addition, the exposed hem of the shirt can also add a sense of lightness to you, which perfectly neutralizes the heavy and dull feeling of autumn and winter.

Shirt + high collar bottoming shirt

If you are a MM who is afraid of the cold, then we can choose to wear a high-necked bottoming shirt in the shirt. This pile-up collar design is perfect for women with imperfect necklines. NS. However, it should be noted that not all the buttons of the shirt can be fastened, otherwise, there will be a breathless "sense of urgency" in the visual effect. We can choose to wear only two or three buttons on the shirt, just like Miki, so that we can show the upper body curve well while looking thin without being too cumbersome.

Knitted bottoming sweater + knitted cardigan

Knitted items can be said to be the best partner for autumn and winter, but if you want to wear a distinctive style and temperament, we need to work harder on matching. The bottoming shirt with strong warmth function, skin-tight and windproof, also shows the figure. With a large V-neck knitted cardigan, you can easily create a good sense of layering. But because it is difficult to show the waist in a loose cardigan, we can add another belt accessory to combine the base shirt and the cardigan into one, so that you have a small waist while getting rid of the bloated feeling.

Turtleneck sweater + denim jacket

Knitwear has always been a representative of gentle and intellectual, but too mature temperament is easy to wear out the feeling of old. So we can learn to wear Miki like this, and use a denim jacket with its own age-reducing atmosphere to neutralize the shortcomings of knitted bottoming shirts. However, some women will worry, will there be a sense of contradiction because of the excessive style span? But in fact, as long as you pay attention to the collocation as a whole, you don't have to be afraid at all! Miki chose a pair of dark jeans that distinguished the light blue, using the shades of the colors to cleverly wear out a sense of fashion.

In fact, it is not difficult to get rid of the bloated feeling in autumn and winter, as long as we get these superposition tips, we can easily have a good figure!

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